Why choose HotelSpeaker for managing Your customer reviews?

Why choose HotelSpeaker for managing Your customer reviews?

Perfect knowledge of each of our clients

For 10 years at HotelSpeaker, we have been handling customer reviews with meticulous attention. Our expertise lies in our ability to identify and understand the details that customers appreciate or criticize. Thus, we have developed a comprehensive method for collecting all the characteristics and communication preferences of your establishment, ensuring an effective treatment of any type of review, as if we were part of your team.

Everything you need to know about our establishment!

Effective customization of responses to reviews begins with a deep understanding of each hotel we represent. To achieve this, we employ a combination of advanced techniques:

  • Detailed Data Collection: We have developed hundreds of customized fields enriched over our 10 years of experience. These fields cover various aspects of your establishment, ranging from basic information to more complex and specific details, presented in a simple and intuitive manner such as room size, carpet type, reception conditions, etc.

  • Data Scraping: We gather essential information by scrutinizing booking platforms. This method allows us to capture a multitude of data available online, forming a solid base for our analysis.

  • Analysis of Past Reviews: Careful examination of your past reviews is crucial. It gives us an accurate insight into strengths and areas for improvement, from your clients' perspective.

  • Direct Interaction: Our Customer Success Manager will contact you directly. This approach aims to complete and refine the collected information, thus ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your establishment.

  • By combining these methods, we ensure the collection of information with unmatched richness and precision, which is essential for the effective treatment of reviews. Moreover, thanks to the application of machine learning, our system continuously learns from each new review, adapting and improving constantly.

Reassure and convince with our tailored responses

Turning a critique into a positive force is at the heart of our strategy. At HotelSpeaker, we firmly believe that each response to a review is a unique opportunity to reassure readers and highlight the strengths of the establishment and convince future guests.

  • Targeted writing

Beyond simply responding to reviews, our work involves real argumentative writing, taking into account a comprehensive understanding of the establishment and its adaptation to the specific context. We do not settle for generic responses; each response is designed to reflect the unique personality of the hotel, its key benefits, and to strengthen its brand image.

  • Transforming critiques into business assets

Our responses are carefully crafted, not only to address specific concerns but also to highlight the distinctive advantages of the hotel. We use the features gathered during the information collection phase to build strong and persuasive arguments. This approach effectively turns a potential critique into a reassuring element for future clients.

  • The commercial playbook

A tailor-made argumentative charter for your hotel.

Our approach is based on what we call a "commercial playbook" for the hotel. This document serves as an argumentative charter, guiding how we present the hotel's features in our responses. It is an organized collection of information that highlights the strengths and benefits of the establishment, allowing us to respond in a more precise and advantageous manner for the client.

15 Years of pre-AI writing expertise

Our original profession, long before the integration of AI, was centered on manual writing and tailored support for each of our clients.

This historical expertise in writing is today a major asset for our AI. It enriches the algorithm with a deep understanding of the communication particularities unique to each hotel. This involves not only capturing the unique style and tone of each establishment but also grasping their distinct characteristics, such as the type of clientele, the services offered, and the overall ambiance. Thanks to this knowledge, the responses generated by the AI are not only accurate but also highly personalized, faithfully reflecting the identity of each hotel.

Millions of Reviews, an Unparalleled Experience.

Over the years, we have processed millions of reviews, covering a wide range of issues and nuances in the hotel industry. This massive experience feeds our database and enhances the AI's ability to understand and respond appropriately to a diversity of situations.

Providing context to AI: programmatic response composition systems

In our quest to offer the best response service to reviews, we made the strategic decision to develop our own artificial intelligence (AI). This AI is not a generic solution; it is the result of custom development, designed to reflect and amplify our manual experience accumulated in handling reviews.

  • An AI system created by HotelSpeaker

We have developed our artificial intelligence ourselves. It understands the textual content of reviews, but also the context and specific subtleties of each hotel establishment we serve. This customization allows the AI to provide responses that go beyond mere factual accuracy – they capture and reflect the spirit and character of each hotel.

  • Programmatic Response Composition Systems

The key to this customization lies in our programmatic response composition systems. These systems are fueled by the detailed information we collect on each hotel, including their editorial charter, specific characteristics of the establishment, and communication style preferences.

One of the most innovative aspects of our AI is its ability to understand the context of each review. By analyzing language nuances and considering the specifics of each hotel, the AI can adjust its approach for each situation. Whether it's responding to a sharp critique or thanking a customer for their compliments, our AI knows how to address each comment appropriately and personally.

Supervisor and feedback: our rigorous human oversight

The efficiency of artificial intelligence, no matter how advanced, does not eliminate the need for human supervision. At HotelSpeaker, we place great importance on this human oversight, which plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and personalization of our services.

We offer clients the possibility to reject or modify the responses proposed by artificial intelligence. Each feedback given by the client is handled by an AI specialist, who ensures not only to correct the immediate error but also to integrate this feedback into the system to prevent its repetition. This process of continuous improvement allows us to constantly enrich the specifications and refine the accuracy of our AI.

  • The synergy between technology and human expertise

By integrating AI into our proven process and associating it with rigorous human supervision, HotelSpeaker creates a unique synergy between the precision and efficiency of modern technology and human sensitivity, experience, and expertise. This blend ensures that our review response services remain among the most personalized and reliable on the market.

Exchanges on specific situations

At HotelSpeaker, we value the importance of understanding each situation in its context to provide tailored responses. When a review mentions particular circumstances, for example, if a customer mentions a disappointing experience during a special event, like a wedding dinner, our writers would contact the hotel via the platform. This direct interaction is crucial for fully grasping what happened.

  • In-depth dialogue for maximum precision

If a review, for instance, mentions a lack of staff at a certain time, our writers can contact the hotel to understand the reason. The hotelier, in response, can clarify the situation - whether it was a momentary absence or an unforeseen event. These details allow us to write a response that not only addresses the specific comment but also provides a clear and reassuring explanation to future clients.

  • Customization of responses based on context

This method ensures that each response we formulate is grounded in the reality of the experience at the hotel, thus reflecting a commitment to transparency and authenticity. By going beyond general information to explore specific details, we can create responses that enhance trust and customer satisfaction.

Histoire de notre l’entreprise : fondements et évolution

The history of HotelSpeaker is that of a company that has evolved with the times while remaining true to its fundamental values of customer listening, service excellence, and rigorous management. These principles have guided our journey from the beginning and continue to define our unique approach in the sector.

Customer Listening at the Heart of Our Story

Even before integrating artificial intelligence into our processes, attentive listening to the needs and feedback of our clients has always been at the core of our approach. This sensitivity to the expectations of the hotels we serve has been a key factor in our initial success and remains a pillar of our approach.

A concept of service excellence as in the hospitality industry

Our service philosophy is directly inspired by that of high-end hospitality: personalized service where each client is known and valued. We understand that each hotel has its own personality and needs, and we strive to reflect this in every aspect of our service.

Customer loyalty rate

Our exceptional customer loyalty rate, with 9 out of 10 clients continuing after the trial period, demonstrates the trust and satisfaction hoteliers have in our solution.This loyalty underscores the effectiveness of our platform in managing reviews and its positive impact on reputation and customer service.Our commitment to providing easy and efficient review management translates into an improved customer experience and reliable service for hoteliers.We also have a retention rate of > 95% since the beginning of HotelSpeaker.

An easy-to-manage platform

Our platform is designed to simplify the management of customer reviews, offering an intuitive and effective user experience (UX).Each feature aims to save precious time for hoteliers, allowing for easy and quick use. With our system, hoteliers can focus on the essentials: providing quality service to their clients while easily managing feedback through automated tools and clear reports. This solution combines time savings and customer satisfaction improvement.

Rigorous management to offer premium service to all

The rigorous and methodical management of our company has allowed us to open the doors to premium service for a wide range of hotel establishments.Whether for a boutique, a charming hotel, or a large hotel complex, our goal is to provide the same level of excellence and personalization, making the luxury of a tailor-made service accessible to all.

Discover the difference with HotelSpeaker

At HotelSpeaker, we combine manual expertise, advanced artificial intelligence, and a customer-centered approach to turn every review into an opportunity for growth and bookings for your hotel. With our customized solution, you will not only save time but also gain precious peace of mind, knowing that each response to a review is meticulously crafted to best reflect the image, benefits, and values of your establishment.

Why choose HotelSpeaker?

  • Deep Personalization: we know every detail of your hotel for tailored responses.

  • Expertise and AI : benefit from our experience enriched by sophisticated AI.

  • Continuous Dialogue: we are in constant communication to refine and improve every response.

  • Service Excellence: inspired by luxury hospitality, our service is adapted for all, from boutique hotels to large complexes.

  • Simplified Management, stress reduction, and time savings: our intuitive platform frees up your time to dedicate to your clients.

"We remain in full control while freeing up time to dedicate to our clients and the issues they have raised in the reviews.
That's why we consider HotelSpeaker an investment with an immediate return on investment."