Does AI optimize the response to customer reviews?

Does AI optimize the response to customer reviews?

Advantages of AI

Lower budget and high efficiency:

AI for quick and personalized responses. The use of artificial intelligence is particularly advantageous for hotels with limited budgets or a large number of reviews. It allows for the management of a high volume of reviews in a reduced time, offering personalized responses that adapt to the specific context of each review. This technology is capable of capturing the tone and particulars of each establishment, ensuring that each response faithfully reflects the hotel's identity, values, and characteristics.

Relieving human resources:

The integration of AI in the management of customer reviews helps to address recruitment problems and the lack of staff in the hospitality sector. It reduces the workload of existing teams, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks. It also reduces the stress associated with responding to negative reviews, improving the quality of work life.

Personalization and promotion:

AI, capable of processing a considerable volume of data about the hotel, offers responses that are precisely tailored to the hotel's sales strategies. This approach is not limited to responding to customer reviews but also incorporates subtle promotional elements related to the content of the review to enhance the unique features of the establishment. This method strengthens the connection with clients through both authentic and personalized communication.

The AI profile of your hotel

The AI at hotelspeaker is based on AI personas for 100% personalized responses.

AI profile persona: definition and components

The introduction to the AI profile persona: the concept of an AI profile persona represents a personalized entity that embodies the identity and values of each hotel.

It also defines all the characteristics of the hotel making it unique. It is built around a specific editorial charter and incorporates unique elements.

Role of the customized editorial charter

This charter is integrated into the AI profile persona to ensure that every communication respects the tone, style, and personality of the hotel. Precision in the engineering of the profile is crucial, requiring a thorough analysis to incorporate the unique characteristics, special terms, and voice tonality of the establishment.

Benefits of your hotel's AI persona

The interest of the AI persona profile lies in its ability to personalize and humanize interactions between the hotel and its clients, even when automated. Here are some key benefits:

Personalization of responses

The persona profile allows for personalizing responses to reviews by using the tone, style, and specific values of the hotel. This creates a more authentic experience for clients.

Highlighting the hotel's advantages

AI can be programmed to highlight specific marketing information or respond to the current priorities of the establishment, ensuring that the responses to reviews also serve the competitive advantages of the hotel.

Consistent communication

By following a customized editorial charter, AI ensures consistent communication across all responses to reviews, thus strengthening the hotel's brand.

Efficient review management

The AI persona profile enables the efficient management of a large volume of reviews by automating responses while maintaining a high level of personalization.

AI and the Writer

How AI and the editor contextualize responses ?

Artificial intelligence and professional writing

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is favored for its speed and economic efficiency, allowing for the management of a large number of client reviews. Concurrently, professional editors are solicited by hoteliers to handle delicate reviews, notably negative comments, offering a deeper level of personalization. This complementarity provides flexibility that enables hotels to respond appropriately depending on the nature and complexity of each review.

Standardization and personalization of responses

The combination of AI and the skills of professional editors helps to standardize responses while respecting the editorial charter of the hotel or hotel group. This method ensures that responses are not influenced by the personality or mood of the individual managing the responses, guaranteeing a personalized adaptation to each specific situation. It provides consistency in communication and adapts messages to the specifics of each establishment and each review.

Avoiding the "Written by AI" Label

The importance of human interaction with the possible introduction of a label "written by AI" necessitates adding a human touch, whether through adjustments made by the hotel or direct contributions from the editors, to avoid this label. This strategy preserves an authentic and personalized client experience, balancing technological efficiency and human communication, thus enriching the customer experience.

The influence of AI's emotion on opinions

Balance between professional neutrality and positive emotional engagement by AI

Positive emotional involvement of AI:

Paradoxically, AI can also be programmed to maintain positive emotional involvement. It is designed to reflect the values of the hotel in each response, thus creating an emotional connection with the client. AI can incorporate elements such as empathy, sympathy, and even humor, if these aspects align with the hotel's editorial charter. This approach aims to enhance the traveler's experience. By offering a service that is not limited to being functional, AI seeks to enrich the travel experience, even after the stay. It extends the brand experience beyond the physical stay, ensuring that every interaction, including responses to reviews, are imbued with the personality and unique character of the hotel.

Objectivity and uniformity of AI:

AI offers a significant advantage in the emotional management of responses to reviews. Without the negative emotional involvement often associated with stress or fatigue, AI can provide calibrated and professional responses at all times. This emotional neutrality guarantees consistent quality, regardless of the circumstances, independent of the personality of the person handling the reviews. This emotional neutrality ensures that responses are aligned with the hotel's editorial charter, avoiding impulsive reactions.


  • Wordplay by AI :

If the hotel is named "Le Mirage", and the editorial charter allows it, AI could use a play on words such as: "We are delighted that your stay at Le Mirage offered you moments as real and memorable as they are unforgettable. At 'Le Mirage', every visit is an oasis of comfort and luxury." This not only reinforces the brand memory but also associates the hotel name with a positive and significant experience.

  • Standardization across a large hotel chain

For a chain with multiple establishments under a common brand, AI could standardize responses while slightly adapting them for each hotel.

  • Highlighting unique selling points (USPs) in responses:

Even if a specific feature is not mentioned in the review, AI could highlight it. For example, if a hotel is known for its gourmet restaurant, AI could include in a response: "We are delighted that you enjoyed your stay, and we hope you will have the opportunity to discover our gourmet restaurant on your next visit."