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We write responses to your reviews and turn them into sales

Who are we?

Technology-enhanced human care of your hotel reviews.

We are a social listening tech company responding to guest reviews on behalf of hotel management. Our team is comprised of 100 expert writers who analyse every review with the utmost care and craft a personal response in the reviewer’s language. A simple dashboard allows hotel management to access the response, modify or validate it so that it can be rapidly posted.

We respond to all public reviews & internal guest surveys within 24 to 48 hours. Fast. Consistent. In all languages. Professionally. Personalized. 24/7. Backed up by scientific research in partnership with the University of Ghent.

Our Belief

At Hotelspeaker we believe that well-managed reviews will increase sales.

Future guests rely on reviews more than anything else before booking a room.
Responding to reviews show the hotel cares about the customer feedback. Responding fast and personally, in the language of the client and with the tone of voice that reflects the hotel positioning is an ART.
Many studies show that responding consistently will increase occupancy rate.

Properties that responded to over 50% of social reviews grew occupancy rates by 6.4% points, more than twice the rate of properties that largely ignored social media reviews
Medallia Study: Responding to Social Media Boosts a Company’s Bottom Line

How does it work?

Hotelspeaker’s technology explores forums and social media and picks reviews written by customers.

Our technology enables our writers to spend time a hotelmanager doesn’t have on crafting the best personal answer: decoding the mood of the reviewer, choosing the relevant vocabulary and tone of voice for the message.

Hotel management is notified when a response to a review is available for validation. The hotel manager can either release it, modify it directly or ask Hotelspeaker for an alternative response.


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"An invaluable time saver"

“I was able to free up time to concentrate on my main tasks. The answers written by the team are very professional and produced in the client’s language. You have shown great flexibility in adapting the answers to my adapting the answer to my preferences. Well done! I recommend your services to all hotels in our group”

Dominique Verniers, General Manager, Holiday Inn Brussels Schuman

"Thanks to Hotelspeaker we offer an excellent service to our hotel guests whilst saving lots of time for our own staff"

“Given that responding to all reviews in all languages is very difficult and time-consuming, we looked to Hotelspeaker to help us on this task, After a trial period, it became clear that Hotelspeaker had the ability to offer a completely personalized, high-level service, in line with our company and hotel guests expectations. The services is the perfect complement to existing review analytics software suites like Reviewpro and Trsutyou. The implementation was very quick-in less than a week Hotelspeaker onboarded all our hotels, apartments and lofts. Thanks to Hotelspeaker we offer an excellent service to our hotel guests whilst saving lots of time for our own staff”

David Martinez i Urgell, Digital Marketing & eCommerce Manager

"Outstanding customization"

I do not remember how i discovered Hotespeaker but i know that this solution seemed evident. We were finally going to write consistent answers, in all languages, with exceptional customization and an enhancement of our qualities and all that quickly, usually within 24 hours of receiving the comment. it should be noted that Hotelspeaker has done a tremendous job upfrontto know our establishment and its environment. We really fell that it is a collaborator of the Château de Namur who writes the answer.

MR Cédric VANDERVAEREN, General Manager of Château de Namur


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