Cloudbeds Integration

1. Overview

HotelSpeaker integration with Cloudbeds consists in easing the registering process for the hotelier willing to subscribe to HotelSpeaker services, by pre-filling his registration form with data already present in his Cloudbeds account.

2. Getting Started

Steps to registration:

  • From the Cloudbeds Dashboard, go to the "Manage" menu and find the "App Directory"
  • Find and install the "HotelSpeaker" App
  • You will be requested to grant access to your hotel and user informations
  • Once you will have accepted, you will be taken to HotelSpeaker's registration form
  • If you own more than one property you will be given the possibility to chose one
  • The registration form will be filled with the data available from your Cloudbeds account
  • You may fill the remaining fields and then click the "Register" button
  • A confirmation email will be sent

3. Functionality

From now on you are registered to HotelSpeaker services, our commercial staff will contact you soon.

4. Disconnecting

You may uninstall the HotelSpeaker App at any time if you wish to. No further data exchange will occur between HotelSpeaker and the Cloudbeds platform (howto).

5. Getting Support

You can use the Contact Form to leave us a message.