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We are constantly expanding our partnerships to show hoteliers the best there is to offer! We’re proud to be partnered with:

Customer Alliance is one of the European market leaders in guest experience and online reputation management for the hospitality industry.

Whether independent property or global chain, the SaaS solution enables thousands of hotels worldwide to engage with guests at all stages of their journey. Automated messages and individualized questionnaires ensure a meaningful communication and a competitive insight into the hotel’s performance. Advanced review analysis tools help them to truly understand the feedback and to improve operations effectively, whilst keeping an eye on the performance of competitors. To take full control of their online visibility, guest ratings can be integrated into the website and distributed across the industry’s leading review portals.


+34/685 33 89 91 (ES) – 33/(0)1/77 69 64 33 (FR) – +32/(0)475/73 30 01 (BE)

Calle Mallorca 277 – 08037 Barcelona – Spain

Ampla House – Coupure Rechts 88 – 9000 Ghent – Belgium

Rue de la Boëtie 128 – 75008 Paris – France

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